• Developed at The Game Assembly
• Counter-Strike: GO – Bomb defusal map
• Style: Competetive multiplayer
• Development duration: 3 weeks half-time

• Hammer SDK

A bomb defusal map named ‘de_villaggio’ for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Before this I had never mapped for counter strike or any similar competitive game and wanted to take on the challenge of creating a map that could be played competitively.

Design processflow
I started by drawing some abstract paths with pen and paper of how the spawns of the two teams would connect to the bomb sites and how the teams could rotate around the map. After choosing one of my sketches I started to block out in Hammer.

blockedI started with the floors and tried to make an exact replica of the sketch, then I did some quick playtests to see if the teams reached the chokepoints and bombsites at the right time to create some interesting and balanced game play. I then added walls and some elevation to limit vision and create more interesting scenarios.
From this version of the map I got some feedback from classmates and friends, who play a lot of counter strike, and made some changes accordingly.

I added a new way for the terrorists to reach site B (the market) by jumping up a balcony, run through an apartment, and reach the site via a small balcony (see picture A). Another way was also added for the counter terrorists to reach the B site, via another apartment (see picture B). And the way the terrorists reached the mid square changed so that the counter terrorists wouldn’t dare rush into the terrorists side of the map. After this I was pretty happy with the basic layout of the map besides this exit point from the vent so I changed it to reach the A site directly instead of leading to the mid square, making it more useful for the terrorists.

Picture A
Picture B
Then I started to add some props, mostly to the bomb sites and prepare for a first large playtest.

After the playtests I didn’t have to do any major changes so I started to build the scenery. I built the houses with roofs, windows, and doors, and added proper textures. I also made displacements in the grounds and painted blended textures to make it look more realistic.

Then I dressed the rest of the map and tried to make a balanced layout with covers for both teams.
I had some more playtests after the map was about finished to check some scenarios that I thought could need some change. Based on the feedback from these tests I made some alterations to specific locations of the map. To name a few:

  • I made the peak from the terrorists balcony smaller to make it easier for the counter terrorists to retake the site if the terrorists had already taken it. (see picture C)
  • I pushed forward the cover of the wall in the terrorists hallway to A to make it easier for the terrorists to scan the site before moving in. (see picture D)
  • I added more crates to the balcony at A to hinder counter terrorists from easily picking of the terrorists as they walked in from the hallway. (see picture E)


Picture c
Picture C
Picture d
Picture D
Picture e
Picture E


The terrorists paths
The counter-terrorists paths

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The terrorists can reach B either by going up the stairs through an alley (see green path).Or they can jump up a balcony, through an apartment and enter the site by jumping down a small balcony (see blue path). The alley makes a choke point since it’s quite long and doesn’t have much cover for the terrorists. But it’s a quicker way to reach the site than going through the apartment. The balcony is a longer way but the entrance to the site is quicker, though it can be risky since the terrorists really have to commit. The terrorists can reach site A either by going up the ramp, through the double doors, and over the middle square (see pink path). Or they can go through either the warehouse corridor (see yellow path) or the ventilation space (see red path).

Picture f
The terrorists can easy and fast move between the two sites without going through their spawn.

The counter terrorists have two ways of reaching both sites. To reach A they can go through the warehouse entrance and reach the balcony at the site from where they can jump down (see green path).Or they can go over the middle square (see yellow path).To reach B they can either go straight through the alley in to the site (see blue path), or through an apartment to get a different angle on the site (see red path).